Monday, 3 September 2012

Hand Care While Working in Kitchen

While working in the kitchen, you should not ignore your hands and nails as they are an important part of your body. Before you start cooking, you should wash your hands thoroughly in hot water. You can use paper towel in the kitchen to wipe your hands while cooking.

Accidents can occur in kitchen. Sharp knife may cut your hand and hot food items may burn your skin. Try to avoid cut by knife as these cuts leave bad marks on your hand. Use bandage on your wound immediately in case your hand got damaged by cut or burn. To avoid these incidents, it is always safe to wear gloves while working in kitchen.

Remove all the jewelry items that you are wearing while working in the kitchen including rings, bracelets etc. Germs present in your jewelry items may stick to your jewelry and then transfer to your food. Cover your hairs and cut off your nails, if you have long one. These small tips help you in hand care during kitchen chores.