Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Hiring a Domestic House Cleaner

We all have tough schedules and very busy life routines. It is almost impossible to manage home cleaning tasks especially if you are a working women or men. Some of the major signs when you know, you should hire a domestic house cleaner are:

·        You don’t have enough time to clean home regularly.

·        You can’t differentiate between different kitchen cleaning consumerables and don’t know which one is suitable.

·        Your job takes away most of your time and you hardly have any time to clean.

·        If you somehow manage cleaning, then you lose important tasks like shopping or playing any of your favorite sports.

·        You feel tired by your hectic routine.

·        You are not good when it comes to cleaning tasks.

·        You spent too much time outdoors.

·        You have a family to look after and cannot manage this routine.

Pets and Kitchen Cleaning Chemicals

We all love to have pets in our home but when it comes to cleaning, many of us are not sure what is the best house holding chemical that can be used to clean? While purchasing chemicals, we should prefer those chemicals that have minimum amount of dangerous items. Many chemicals are extremely toxic not only for animals but for us also. Here is the list of chemicals that can be dangerous for your pets:

·        Phenol Products:
Pets especially cats are very sensitive to these kind of products. Before buying them, properly check the contents of the products.

·        Deodorizer:
You can use this for cleaning purposes but make sure to keep your pet away from it.

·        Pests Spray:
After you use this spray, let it dry and then allow your pets in the room.

·        Chlorine Bleach:
Chlorine bleach is a strong kitchen cleaning chemical used to clean your toilet.

Monday, 18 February 2013

How to Make Use of Old Newspapers

We all read newspapers and have a large amount of old newspapers at our home that we recycle often.  Lately, I read some tips about how you can use your old newspapers in an effective way. Here, I am sharing them with you; do give me feedback in the comments:

·         You can clean glass window panes by using newspaper. It cleans the surface evenly without any marks. Make sure to use clean newspaper for cleaning windows, not any oily or sticky one.

·         Newspapers are a good way to absorb and remove any bad odors. You can use them by putting them inside your wardrobe or suitcases.

·         In case of a broken glass, you can use a damp newspaper to clean up the pieces. It will easily collect the small glass particles from the floor. While cleaning, take care of your hand.

·         Place the newspaper in wet shoes. The paper will absorb all the moisture and will help the shoes to dry faster.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Introduction to Toll Blending

Toll blending refers to the process in which a chemical substance is produced from blending, packaging and manufacturing. Toll blending is best for those customers who want to increase their production capacity. Toll blending contract is a good arrangement that help customers to run their manufacturing facilities or increase their temporary production.

Choosing a good toll blending chemical company is very important. Shipping and managing cost is also a big question for customers. You will see many startup companies with variety of toll blending projects. Some have product idea while others focus on assistance and upfront cost. Outsourcing the manufacturing part of the business is also a good idea. It helps you to focus on your core competencies other than manufacturing and blending. A good company will fulfill all your customized toll blending concerns from one time contracts to repeated and predetermined intervals.

Cleaning Limestone Floors

If you have limestone flooring at your home and you have hard time cleaning it, then use these kitchen cleaning tips to make your floor look cleaner than before:

·         Don’t use harsh kitchen cleaning chemicals or any ammonia based cleaners. It will make your limestone floor look dull.

·         Use specially designed limestone cleaners to keep your floor neat and clean.

·         Mop the floor regularly by using cleaners. Add some drops of cleaning liquid in warm water and mix them.

·         Clean the major stains from the floor as soon as possible.

·         Use floor mats to avoid dirt in the home.

·         Clean the floor regularly by using good vacuum cleaner.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

How to Do Laundry Every Day

Daily laundry is very necessary if you have a big family. There are many benefits of doing laundry every day, some of them are:

·         Stains can be easily cleaned.
·         Less clothes to wash.
·         Less time spent in washing clothes.
·         Dresses available in your closet every time.
·         Less time spent in folding and pressing clothes.

These are some of the benefits of doing laundry every day. It’s not difficult as we perceive in the start. When you will start doing laundryusing laundry chemicals, you will get used to it. Especially, if you have small kids in your home, you will need clean clothes all the time. Use a softener and a good washing chemical for laundry. If you have a busy schedule and cannot do laundry every day, then at least try to do laundry on alternative days. Share some of your laundry tips with us.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

How to Clean Doors by Using Different Cleaning Chemicals

We all need to clean our doors once in a while to maintain cleanliness. Doors are of different types, some are made of wood, glass while some are sliding. All type of doors needs regular cleaning and protection. Some of the kitchen cleaning systems used to clean these doors is mentioned below:

·         Clean top of the door frames and remove all the dirt and dust particles. Use a wet sponge for this purpose.

·         Use a duster to clean the frame of the door.

·         If you have wood doors then you can clean them with a soap and soft rag. Rub the door afterwards to remove excessive soap and dry the surface.

·         For cleaning painted doors, take a sponge and apply kitchen cleaning chemical. Then use soft fabric to clean the door.

·         You can clean knobs and handles of the door to wipe down all the dirt.

·         You can clean glass doors by using glass cleaning liquid.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Cleaning your Reusable Grocery Bags

Grocery bags that can be recycled are good for environment as well as your family’s health. These shopping bags are usually used for keeping foods and clothing items and if not recycled properly, they can cause bacteria and other similar problems. So when was the last time you cleaned your grocery bags. I will tell you some easy-to-apply tips by which you can keep your shopping bags bacteria free:

·         Use separate shopping bags for clothing and food items.

·         Wash your grocery bag after using it, to avoid bacteria and other dirty materials.

·         Recycle those shopping bags that are worn out or torn.

·         If you have cotton or fabric bags, you should wash them once a week after using it.

·         If you are using polyethylene bag then clean them by using damp sponge along with good kitchen cleaning chemical.

Friday, 1 February 2013

How to Take Care of your Hands while Working in Kitchen

The best way to take care of your hands while working in kitchen is to prevent your hands as much as possible. Your hands are most prone to damages and cuts as they are most used and exposed part of your body. You can wear kitchen gloves while cleaning and working in kitchen to keep your hands safe from any harm.

While working in kitchen, our hands dry out quicker because of excessive washing. Therefore keep a bottle of lotion near your sink. Avoid using perfumed or strong kitchen cleaning equipment. They have more tendencies to cause harm to your skin. You can use mineral or vegetable oil on your hands in case of any cut. Don’t wear rings while working in kitchen. The heat from the stove can damage your hand and ring as well.