Monday, 24 September 2012

Tips and Easy Methods on How to Clean Textured Kitchen Walls

Textured walls are very much in fashion nowadays. They look amazingly beautiful but require special care as well. Today I will tell you how you can easily clean your kitchen textured walls:

1.       First of all, compile all those things that you will need in the cleaning systems like nylon, brushes, mop, damp cloth, vacuum cleaner, and old tooth brush.

2.       Secondly, turn on the vacuum and use the brush attachment to clean its walls. By vacuuming the walls, all wall corners, dust and cobwebs will be cleaned.

3.       Then take some water and mix washing detergent in it. Use brush and damp cloth soaked in detergent to clean the walls. You can use nylon or sponge for that purpose.

4.       After cleaning the kitchen walls, use clean cloth and water to rinse it off. Be careful to rinse off the walls properly.

5.       Then dry the wall by using any cloth or by using ceiling fan or air conditioner.


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