Friday, 31 August 2012

Latest Trends in Kitchen Cleaning

OK folks, to start up with my blog. I would like to share some quick and easy tips and trends that I prefer to use in kitchen cleaning.

Basically clean kitchen shows cleaning habits of the owner. Kitchen cleaning is also part of cooking. If you clean the kitchen from time to time then you would not require extra time and effort to clean it. These tips are easy to follow and it saves your time as well as money.

1.       Use damp cloth or paper towels for general kitchen cleaning.
2.       Run the dishwasher in night and clean it early in the morning.
3.       To avoid germs, use germ free liquid with mop.
4.       Use vinegar or lemon for hard stains.
5.       Baking soda also gives a clean look to the kitchen.
6.       Clean your refrigerator once a week.
7.       Wash the counter, kitchen and sink every night with a good liquid soap.

Hope these little tips will help you in cleaning. If you know some other easy kitchen tips, share with me J

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