Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Green Kitchen Cleaning Chemicals

If you are following my blogs, you must be aware of many methods that you can use to clean your kitchen. Here I will tell you some green kitchen cleaning chemicals that will make your kitchen look clean and feel fresh and green.
·         Alkaline Soap:
Take soap, mild soap with alkaline of PH 8 – 14.  You can use it for cleaning drain spots.

·         Liquid Soap:
It is a vegetable oil based on glycerin and it is used as dirt remover in kitchen.

·         Baking Soda:
Baking soda is a deodizer, an abrasive made from mineral. It comes with handy shaker containers for cleaning kitchen accessories.

·         White Vinegar:
It cleans difficult and tough stains by green chemicals present in it.

·         Club Soda:
It removes dirt and has lots of alkaline minerals and gives brightening shine to the kitchen glass door.

·         Salt:
It is an anti-bacterial green kitchen cleaning product that absorbs oils and combined with water, it kills bacteria in kitchen through dehydrating action.

·         Essential Oils:
Anti-bacterial and antiseptic oils should be organic and not synthetic so that they can clean the kitchen surface evenly.

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