Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Hello folks!

Kitchen cleaning is really a tough job. You have to ensure that necessary cleaning is done almost every day to avoid mess. However some items cannot be cleaned through ordinary methods.
Here are some procedures that can be applied for best kitchen cleaning:

The Countertops
·         Use a microfibre cloth to clean the countertops of your kitchen.
·         Damp the cloth in cleaner and water to wipe the countertops in circles.
·         Then wipe the surface with clean cloth.

The Microwave
·         Use a cloth damp in dish washing solution to clean the microwave surface.
·         Use a clean dry cloth to clean the outer portion.

The Garbage Can
·         Use a disinfectant for cleaning purposes.
·         Use a clean cloth after spraying on both the inside and outside of the can.

The Sink
·         Scrub the sink with vinegar and baking soda solution.
·         Through an old tooth brush remove the sticky mold found on the drain edges.
·         Rinse the surface with water.

The Dish Rack
·         Keep the dish rack soak in warm water and dishwashing solution.
·         Use an old brush to clean the sticky materials on the surface of the rack.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Cleaning equipments- A necessity

Cleaning equipments are vital for cleanliness purposes. You may face the need for cleaning equipments in your homes, offices, pallors, restaurants etc. There are various kinds of cleaning equipments available in the market that are made to deliver standard cleaning. The cleaning systems are expensive for many and they look for wholesale cleaning equipments including vacuum cleaners etc.

For some, investing in a quality cleaning equipment is not a wise decision. It may be true if you are looking forward towards cleaning your home. But for commercial cleaning needs, it is really important to purchase quality machines from genuine brands. Thoroughly research the market to purchase a quality cleaning equipment.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Kitchen cleaning tips and strategies.

Kitchen cleaning is a very important segment of any home and it should given due importance in order to stay away from health problems. If you are a housewife then must apply solid kitchen cleaning strategies in order to keep you kitchen clean at all times. Here are few kitchen cleaning tips that can save your time as well as energy:
Never leave any dishes unwashed in your sink for an extended duration. This helps bacteria grow and spread all around. After getting free, clean your plates immediately and let them dry for the next dinner.

The spills of food are very common when you are cooking in the kitchen. In order to prevent an extensive time being wasted on kitchen cleaning, utilize various measure. Use paper tissues and paper towels to wipe off the spills. Cover your utensils during baking to avoid staining your oven.

Use disinfectants for kitchen cleaning and keep your kitchen free of germs. Kitchen cleaning chemicals can also be used to disinfect the kitchen. Use hand gloves while cleaning for best hand care.

Friday, 12 July 2013

Kitchen Cleaning Tips

If you are a person of nice aesthetics then a clean kitchen is really important for you to feel good while preparing some yummy dish for your family.

For keeping kitchen clean you have to do just a few things.

  1. Do your dishes after every serving because it is more easy then washing a pile of dishes.
  2. Put all the stuff back in to the cabinets don't make a litter.
  3. Mob kitchen floors daily.
  4. Clean your kitchen in detail at your weekends, make it as a fun like listening to some nice music while cleaning.
  5. If your kids are above then age of 3 so indulge them in cleaning, it will be a more fun and they will grow up with cleaning habits.