Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Quick and Easy Ways to Clean Dirty and Sticky Pans and Pots

·         Dirty and stick pot or pan.
·         2 tablespoon baking soda.
·         Water.
·         Dish washing soap.
·         Cleaning sponge or tooth brush.

The procedure:

For stainless steel, add few drops of dishwashing soaps to the pan. Fill the pan with water and add baking soda. Put the pan on heat and let it boil or sometime. Drain it, rinse and clean it with clean water. For casserole dishes, Put the mixture in microwave oven until it starts to simmer. The heat will break down the stain and it will be easy for you to remove stains. For any copper cookware dish, use coarse salt instead of using baking soda and add simmering water and soap. Rinse well with water and enjoy your clean and sparkling pots, pans and dishes.

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