Thursday, 25 April 2013

Every day cleaning chart

Cleanliness has an important role to play in the beauty of the house and making it look superb. Some people believe that home should be cleaned annually, bi annually or other important occasions. However; this is not really wise. The cleanliness of the home must be given due attention every day so that life does not become difficult during grand cleanliness activities.

Here is a chart that can keep you relax and help you achieving your home cleaning targets in a better way: 
Monday: Vacuum cleaning, mopping.
Tuesday:Dusting of all the windows and doors.
Other household chores.
Wednesday: Washing the toilets in detail.
Thursday: Keeping all the cupboards intact.
Friday: Wash and clean the kitchen in detail.
Saturday: Laundary and general cleaning            

Tip: Always use authentic home cleaning chemicals and laundry detergents for better results.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Home remedies for cleaning stoves

Kitchen cleaning is of much significance for a house wife and a kitchen demands fair attention from the owner.Kitchen care products are in high demand now a days. If you are looking for some fast and new ways to clean the kitchen stoves, here are few home made remedies to get it done with maximum ease. Home remedies not only reduce your budget but also give you utmost satisfaction.

Kitchen care

Vinegar works magic:

Vinegar is a magical cleaning agent and it is used in variety of ways in the kitchen as well as other house hold activities. Just spray the vinegar on the stove and leave for a while.Then use a hard piece of cloth with a detergent to clean the grease and other sticky material. You will be amazed to see the extraordinary results of vinegar.

Baking soda is really powerful:

For giving a clean and fresh look to your stove, use baking soda as a cleaning agent.Baking soda is really an effective agent for cleansing purposes.Sprinkle the soda on the stove and rub using kitchen scrub.Leave for a while and then use a soaked sponge to clean the grease.

Dishwashers can be an option:

Using dishwashers along with the hot water can also serve the purpose. As dishwashers possess the grease removal qualities, they can act strongly against the greasy sticky material. With the help of hot water the tough and dry material can be softened that makes cleaning easier.