Wednesday, 31 October 2012

How to Clean Window Blinds

Kitchen window blinds are the most important part of kitchen cleaning. However, it require little care and effort to avoid hassle. To keep your blinds clean, dust them weekly with a feather duster and monthly clean them properly. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind while cleaning window blinds:

·         Use a nylon brush or feather duster to wipe off dust from window blinds. You can also use a soft brush to clean those blinds. Rotate the blinds and clean again.

·         Then after removing dust, use a damp cloth to clean dust left over from the blinds.

·         If you have wood blinds then you can use dusting spray and cloth. Spray a little amount before cleaning them. Rotate the blinds, spray again and clean.

·         In case of metal blinds, remove them from windows and wash them by tap water and a good kitchen chemicals.

·         If you have fabric blinds, clean them by using vacuum cleaner. You can use good soap and Luke warm water and rinse well.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

How to Remove Stains from Kitchen Floor

Kitchen floors are used throughout the day that’s why they get dirty and messy quickly. Kitchen floor needs more cleaning and more time than other floors. Today I will tell you simple and easy method on how you can clean kitchen floor:

·         Cleaning dirt:

First you have to sweep the kitchen floor thoroughly. By sweeping, dust and other food particles will be cleaned that are hidden around cabinets and counter tops. You can move big appliances like refrigerator and dining table to easily clean the dust underneath floor.

·         Cleaning hard and stick-on stains:

To remove hard stains, use kitchen chemicals solution. You can also make your own solution by using vinegar. Hot and soap water can also be used as alternative for this solution. Mopping is the necessary cleaning step as it removes dust particles and other hard to remove stains. If stains are too hard and not so easy to clean, then you can use small brush to scrub those stains. You can also use old brush to get rid of these stains.

Monday, 15 October 2012

How to Polish Hardwood Floors

I will share some tips today that will explain how you can take care of your hardwood floor and its polish. Regular polishing of hardwood floor makes it look new and fresh. Some important tips and steps are mentioned below:

·         For proper polishing of your floor, you must have open and wide space. Take out all the furniture, rugs and other furniture items before polishing.

·         Vacuum all dust and waste material from floor.

·         Clean the floor and remove all stains. Use kitchen cleaning equipment and a mop to clean the floor.

·         Use good quality floor polish that is specified for hardwood floor.

·         Apply floor wax on the floor. Apply it in patches throughout the room.

·         Leave it for some time to dry.

·         Shift back the furniture once the hardwood floor dries.

If you follow these steps for polishing hardwood floors, they will give a sleek and shiny look. 

Thursday, 11 October 2012

How to Remove Stains from Kitchen Wooden Floors

Sweeping or cleaning wooden flooring is not a difficult task. Kitchen floors can get different type of stains. Normal floor stains are easy to remove but it is difficult to remove from hard wooden floor

·         Milk or Alcohol Stains:
While you work in the kitchen, milk and alcohol can spill on your wooden kitchen floor and cause stains. To remove these stains, Take a cloth and dampen it with ammonia then rub it and let it dry naturally.

·         Oil Stains:
Oil stains can be removed from wooden floor by using tissue paper or newspaper then take a cloth and wipe it by using detergent. Always remember that while removing stains, hand care is very important.

·         Water Stains:
You can remove water stains by rubbing the area with the help of tooth paste and clean with a damp cloth. Then remove the water stains with steel wool.

·         Chewing Gum Stains:
In case chewing gum sticks on your wooden floor, use plastic bag and put some ice on it. Leave it for some time. Then easily remove the chewing gum.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

How to Clean Kitchen Painted Walls

Cleaning painted kitchen walls are not so difficult to clean. It requires special care and basically depends on the type and quality of paint that is applied on the wall. The quality of paint also depends on how you clean the whole wall so that dirt can come off easily.

Here are some ways how you can clean kitchen painted walls:

·         General Purpose Enamels:
These types of surfaces are stain resistant and can be handled by scrubbing gently. Do not use abrasive or other harsh scrubs for cleaning these types of enamels. Instead, you can use heavy duty cleaners.

·         Automotive, Baked and Epoxy Enamel:
These types of enamel paints are much more resistant than others. They can be cleaned easily by using normal and mild kitchen chemicals.

·         Exterior Enamels:
They are oil based and can be cleaned by using mild detergent. If used by harsh chemicals, their paint can get damaged, so be careful.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Kitchen Cleaning and Personal Hygiene

While working in kitchen, one must take care of personal hygiene and cleanliness. The main cause of food poisoning and other related diseases is the cross contamination and germs that are transferred to other food and kitchen surfaces. It can be prevented if you handle food properly and keep your kitchen clean.

·         Before starting work in kitchen, wash your hands thoroughly. You should also wash your hands before washing dishes or before cooking.

·         Properly cover your hairs before entering the kitchen. Clean your finger nails and cut them short before cooking meal in the kitchen.

·         Use clean aprons and clothes while working in kitchen. Remove your jewelry like rings and bracelets before working. If you don’t remove it, germs will stick to your jewelry and add in your ingredients.

·         Always maintain first aid box in the kitchen. Sharp knives and other sharp utensils can cause cut and also result in burns. Add bandage and other daily first aid items in your box so that they can be used in case of emergency.

Follow these personal hygiene kitchen cleaning tips for hand care while working in kitchen.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Go Green – Kitchen Cleaning Tips

For kitchen cleaning, you must be aware about how you can use green kitchen cleaning tips in your kitchen. It will save you lots of money and also help you to protect the environment. Some of the kitchens cleaning tips are:

·         Open your kitchen windows to let air breath in. Airing the kitchen will make your house toxic free.
·         Instead of purchasing expensive air fresheners, boil some herbs and use it as an air freshener. Herbs change the smell in your home. You can also plant indoor plants.
·         Green antibacterial kitchen cleaning cleansers are good as compared to others. Green kitchen chemicals don’t let the bacteria grow and resist it by cleaning kitchen spaces and utensils.
·         Baking soda removes bad odor from refrigerator as well as smell on kitchen floor.

For more tips on kitchen cleaning, follow my blog J

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

How to Clean Chocolate Stains from Kitchen Floor and Carpet

It’s very difficult to keep your kitchen floor clean all the time. No matter how much you take care of your kitchen, stains somehow make their way to appear. Removing stains from kitchen floor is a difficult process, but in case you have carpet as your kitchen flooring then removing stains can be a daunting process for you.

Removing chocolate stains from carpet is very difficult. Chocolate stain is prominent, thick, dark and hard. You can clean chocolate by using these below mentioned tips:

·         After you see chocolate spilled on your carpet, don’t try to remove it immediately rather let it dry naturally so that it can be scratched easily.

·         Then remove it by using cake knife. Vacuum the carpet to remove left over crumbs and flakes.

·         Another way to remove chocolate stains is by ironing. Take out your clothing iron and set it on normal settings. Cover chocolate stain with several paper towel layers. Then iron these paper towels so that chocolate becomes soft. Keep iron temperature on normal low so that it will work well.

·         Remove paper towel layers and replace them by fresh paper towels.

·         Still, if stains persist then use any good liquid kitchen cleaner or spray and scrub it onto the stain.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Some General Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Here are some general kitchen cleaning tips that you can follow to make your kitchen neat and clean:

·         Use cleaning equipment like vinegar, dish soap, alcohol, and hydrogen per oxide or bleach. Baking soda can also be used as a best ingredient to wash stains dishes.

·         Use clean bottles. Don’t use a bottle that was previously used for some other purpose. If you want to use it then rinse it thoroughly so that it doesn't smell like some other product.

·         Don’t mix one recipe with another without making sure that they will work well with each other or not.

·         Don’t use the same bottle for kitchen cleaning for more than one month. These bottles do not have long lasting stabilizers therefore they have fewer additives.

·         Use different bottles for preserving cleaners. You can use different shape cleaners, with different color and sizes.

·         Always remember that any good cleaner doesn't disinfect whereas any disinfectant doesn't clean. 

Monday, 1 October 2012

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies in Kitchen

Getting rid of fruit flies is one of the hardest tasks in kitchen. Many people use different kitchen chemicals to get rid of them as soon as possible. But most of them did not work and also causes health hazards. To avoid all that, today I will tell you a small and easy method on how you can get rid of fruit flies.

What you must have:

·         Sharp fruit Knife.
·         One Glass.
·         Vinegar.
·         Plastic sheets.
·         Fruit flies.

How you do it:
·         Fill the glass with 1/8th vinegar and then cover it by using a plastic wrap.
·         Make holes in the plastic sheet by using fruit knife.
·         Leave it for overnight.
·         Take out the plastic wrap. Replace it and then again put a new sheet of plastic wrap and make holes in it. Repeat this procedure for 3-4 days.

In this way, fruit flies will get into the holes and could not get out and eventually land on vinegar where they get sucked by the chemicals and die. This procedure has worked so well for me. Try out yourself and let me know. J