Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Simple Organizing Tricks

Organizing your home is not a difficult and costly task as most of us think. Today I am sharing some easy and simple tricks through which you can organize and manage your home effectively

·         Take some paper goods out of the container and place them on a shelf. You can unfold the plastic wrapping of various goods and place them on their respective racks.

·         Use jars for storing brushes, combs, beauty products and kitchen cleaning chemicals. You can use pen holders to place pencils, markers and craft supplies.

·         Hang the kitchen cleaning supplies on the rack. In this way bottles become easy to grab and use.

·         You can cut down the top of boxes for easy usage. You don’t need any flap to open or close the boxes. In this way you can have more space in the box.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Weird Kitchen Cleaning Tips that Really Work

Some of the kitchen cleaning systems tips that is weird but really work well. You can try them too and do give me feedback:

·         To get rid of tea stains presents in cups or mugs, rub a lemon inside your tea mug, where stains are. Then wash with soapy water.

·         You can clean your plants by using mayonnaise or beer. They will shine like before.

·         By using white bread, you can clean different spots and finger marks on wall.

·         You can use a match stick to get rid of smell in wash room.

·         To avoid moisture to stay in your salt, put some dry rice in your salt pot.

·         To get rid of the smell from your hands after chopping garlic or onion, just put your hands in water for 30 seconds and don’t rub, the smell will disappear or you can rub hands with parsley.

·         For washing colored clothes, soak them in white vinegar for a while, in that way the color will stay there permanently.

How to Clean Blender Mixer

I have not been giving you tips lately so today I will give you some kitchen appliances cleaning tips that you can use on and off in your daily kitchen cleaning needs. The holiday season is over, now is the ideal time to clean your blender stand mixer.

Cleaning blender mixer is a simple task that needs 5- 10 minutes if you clean it regularly. Before you start cleaning, first check whether your cleaner is unplugged or not. You can wash your mixing bowls and beaters separately before you fix them in the blender. Spray your favorite kitchen cleaning non-toxic chemical equipment and use hot soapy water. Clean up with a towel or rag. Clean small food particles that are stuck in the corner of your mixer. Use wet towel to clean that. Then lift the mixer and clean the down size of the mixer. Then clean the back side of mixer as well.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Cleaning Pen and Colors Mark from Kitchen Walls

Anyone who has children in his home must know how the walls of our house get stained with colorful marks. You will make many efforts to make children stay in their bedroom while they do coloring, they will not stop and roam around you in the kitchen. These pen and colors marks on wall look really bad and should be cleaned immediately. Here are some kitchen chemicals cleaning tips on how to clean them:

·         These marks can be cleaned by erasing it with a rubber.

·         In case of permanent marker stain, you should first clean the area by using a soft cloth on rubbing alcohol. Then mix kitchen cleaning chemical in plain water and clean the area with sponge then finish off by rubbing alcohol in a clean cloth.

·         You can also use baby wipes to remove these stains from kitchen wall.

These tips will definitely help you in removing kitchen stains. If you have some other tips, share with us

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Clean your Kitchen and Get Organized for 2013

Happy new year to all our lovely members. With this New Year, all of you must have made some resolutions. Along with new habits and routines, add cleaning and organizing stuff to your to-do list. Daily spent 20-30 minutes on kitchen cleaning; it will not only save your time but also will help you to organize.

You can start off by making a daily routine schedule. Like on Monday, you will clean all the floors, Tuesday you will do dusting and cleaning drawers etc. Take out all the utensils or kitchen items that you no longer use. This will make room for new kitchen items. Remember; always use that kitchen cleaning equipment that is organic, healthy with no toxic materials so that you may take care of your hands.

So how are you planning to do kitchen cleaning? Share with us