Thursday, 28 November 2013

Cleaning equipments, home cleaning with chemicals

Whether it’s your home or office, both need to be cleaned properly in order to maintain hygienic environment. Chesser chemicals supplies and manufactures sanitation and sanitary products for commercial as well as domestic cleaning purposes. Chemical technology has made it possible to manufacture eco friendly chemicals that are used for general cleaning to home cleaning, office cleaning, surface, utensils, floor cleaning and many more.

Home cleaning is one of the fundamental concerns of dwellers because it’s the place where you take rest. Home cleaning comprises of kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, floor, carpets and surface cleaning. Cleaning chemicals and tools save a lot of your time and in result provide more germ free environment. Chemicals used for kitchen cleaning are mostly bleach, liquid cleaner, detaining agents and deodorants. Chemicals actually remove all rigid stains from floor, surfaces, stove, oven, walls and utensils. These chemicals might be acidic or sharp therefore they must be used with care and proper guidance.

Bathroom cleaning involves chemical cleaning of bottles, glassware, basins, toilet, bowl and seat. Other areas like mirror, cupboard doors and surfaces are cleaned with light chemicals and perfumed with deodorants.

Apart from cleaning chemicals, cleaning equipments are used to get more thorough cleaning. There are a number of cleaning equipments such as vacuum cleaner, floor equipment, mops and brooms, power washers, sweepers, safety supplies, window cleaning equipments etc.. Cleaning guides are provided with cleaning chemicals and equipments so that you can follow proper cleaning of your place. 

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Some essential advantages of equipments for the home cleaning purpose

Cleaning your living place is very essential. It is the psyche of the human being that they want a neat and clean place to live. Living in a unhygienic environment can not only damage their health, but also makes their life difficult to manage. Cleaning your home is not the matter of standard, but it is the duty of every person to keep their homes neat and clean. To make the cleaning of the homes easy, people use different kinds of equipments. These equipments provide a number of benefits to them in cleaning their homes efficiently and effectively. You can use these equipments not only to clean your homes, but you can also keep your offices neat, clean and up to date. Some essential advantages of using different equipments for home cleaning are given below:

Cleaning capacity:
The cleaning capacity of home cleaning equipments is much more as compared to the traditional means of cleaning. You can clean more than one room in less time. As the capacity of the cleaning equipment increases, the cleanliness of the homes also increases. 

Easy operations:Try to use simple and easy Equipments for home cleaning purposes. It is very essential for the user to understand all the functions of the equipment so that they can efficiently use the equipment.

Least cost for maintaining:

Once you have purchased excellent equipment, then there will be least chances of damages until it is in warranty. You can claim for its warrants. The more excellent is the equipment, it will work more efficiently saving you time. Hence the cost of maintenance is also reduced. Cleaning your home regularly with care cost you less. 

Avoid contact with hands:
 When you use different kinds of chemicals making your home clean from all kinds of germs then there is a huge chance that you can get skin allergy as these chemicals are not only dangerous for the insects or the harmful germs, but it can also damage your hands and skin as well. Using excellent equipments helps you to avoid contact with different kinds of chemical. Hence you can save your skin and keep it healthy.

Get your home well organized and stable:

Keeping your home neat and clean on a regular basis, will keep you organized. If you put all the things regularly and put them on the right place, put the garbage in the basket and clean your home then you can find anything placed at the right place any time. You do not need to rush for anything at the time of need. 

So, home cleaning with chemicals or using cleaning equipments is very helpful for the people. It helps you to clean your house in no time. It is especially used by the working ladies who want to clean their homes without sacrificing their professional lives.

It is totally up to you about how you use different cleaning equipments to increase your cleaning efficiency and reduce time usage.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Vacuum cleaner, cleaning equipments

Home cleaning is very important for home as well as for the health of its residents. This doesn’t mean that you should spend all your free time in cleaning your home. There are many cleaning equipments available in the market that can provide deep cleaning of your home in an easy way and in short time. Apart from using traditional ways of cleaning like brooms, brush and mops; you can utilize modern electrical cleaning equipments.

 Cleaning regularly dust that settled down on floor, stairs, walls, carpets, rugs etc is very necessary as you don’t want to make your home filled with germs, bacteria and insects. Vacuum cleaner is the right mechanical appliance that can help you clean your home easily.

Vacuum cleaner is an electrically powered appliance that is used to remove dry loose dust from floor surface, carpets, rugs and fabric. Portable vacuum cleaner is equally useful for domestic as well as industrial cleaning. Its available in a variety, a wet and dry vacuum cleaner is equipped with foam that clean thoroughly and steam cleaner gives extra shine to the surface.

 It’s quite helpful in cleaning surface that cannot be brushed or wiped such as upholstery, carpets, tapestry and contoured surfaces. Small size vacuum cleaners are used at home and also to clean passenger cars and large industrial cleaners are used to clean industries, shops and malls etc. sometimes power saw are equipped with this cleaning appliance so that sawdust can be removed. In some schools and offices, an internal dust collector system is located and with the help of fans a vacuum is created which lead dust to the place where cleaning appliances are fitted.

In order to remove dust from the air, special kind of vacuum cleaners are used where the dust-laden air is passed through a sack that retains the dirt. The air is further passed through a filter and then clean air comes out. Here fans are used to create vacuum for the air.

This cleaning equipment is designed to be handled easily and its special features include a air hose that is flexible and cleaning tools that remove dust from surfaces. During cleaning all the dust goes into a bag made of cloth or paper bag that can be emptied or disposed off. Vacuum cleaner provides deep cleaning of the home and removes all the dust or dirt from the surfaces and its great advantage is that it collects all the dirt in the bag without spreading it around or in the air.

Regular vacuuming keeps your home/office clean and gives great look to carpets and floor. The dirt in the carpets and rugs can cause many allergies therefore for the health sake it’s very important to keep them clean. Moreover, for the better working of the cleaner, it’s necessary to clean the dust bag when it is full with dust. Portable cleaner saves a lot of your time and can be moved easily in the room, TV launch, kitchen etc.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Home cleaning, Kitchen cleaning with chemical products

A neat and clean home gives soothing affect to dwellers. Home cleaning is necessary for mental as well as physical health as it is the place where you find refuge to take some rest and get relaxed. Chesser is well aware of the importance of home in one’s life therefore it presents home cleaning services which include cleaning of every portion of a home including kitchen.

Kitchen cleaning requires a complete hygienic procedures and proper kitchen cleaning is very important for the health of the whole family. During busy routine sometimes it gets really hard to draw out some time for home and kitchen cleaning but it’s the thing that can’t be ignored. Many companies are providing their services for home cleaning generally and kitchen cleaning particularly. Among kitchen clean solutions, kitchen cleaning with chemicals is the most popular these days.

Kitchen cleaning with chemicals have many advantages, it saves money and time and also improves kitchen’s health by removing stains and harmful bacteria. Deep cleansing services for kitchen require powerful chemicals that are cleanser, sanitizers and degreasers. For proper cleaning, a set of equipments is comprised of a range of chemicals, sanitizers, soaps, oven cleaners, degreasers, deep fryer cleaner, floor cleaners, scourers, pads and wipers etc,.

Chemicals used for kitchen cleaning are usually bleach, Chesser bright, crème cleanser, Extra clean heavy duty, Grill power, Multi-purpose heavy duty cleaner, Non caustic Combi oven cleaner, RTU, Sani-Det, Sanguat, Trikleen etc. These chemicals are used to clean utensils, grills and oven, tables, panels, sinks, walls and floor.

Kitchen cleaning with chemicals makes sure to remove all the waste, stains and non-hygienic spots from your kitchen. Dish Soap is the very first thing used for cleaning up a kitchen. Good dish soap is used to clean all the utensils. After cleaning up all the utensils or dishes, bleach is used to sanitize the kitchen environment. Only one tablespoon per gallon bleach is enough to sanitize door handles, food preparation surfaces, sink and all the areas that are touched during cooking.

Chesser bright is a very useful chemical to remove tea and coffee stains from cups and surface of the kitchen shelf. In order to acquire deep cleansing of greasy floor, oven, stoves and grills, Extra kleen heavy duty product is required. This powerful chemical removes all the oil and grease from the surface and makes it shine bright like new.

Kitchen cleaning with chemicals saves a lot of time because in tradition cleaning process, sometimes it’s hard to remove hard stains, grease and oil and most impotantly invisible bacteria from the kitchen. Dish soap is not enough to clean up oven grease therefore cleaning chemicals are required. Apart from home kitchens, commercial kitchen cleaning is also done with the help of chemicals. Chemicals not only sanitize the kitchen environment for long hours but some chemicals have nice and soft fragrance that freshen the kitchen air. In addition, a clean and healthy kitchen inspires you to cook wonderful meals for you and your family. 

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

How to clean kitchen floor using Chesser chemicals

As we all know, Kitchen is the most essential and sensitive part of the home as all the food production process takes place there. If your kitchen is not clean, then there will be great chances for dangerous bacteria to destroy your health. If you have maintained the floor of your kitchen neat and clean, it will not only save your health, but also provide elegance to your kitchen. Both the dust and dirt accumulate that makes the floor difficult to clean. You can use different cleaning chemicals to clean your kitchen floor.
Kitchen Cleaning with Chemicals is not an easy task as chemicals are very dangerous for health. Chemicals should not be used in the kitchen so frequently. It has some merits and demerits, so you should be always care for that.

During your Kitchen Cleaning with Chemicals, there are many things that should be kept in mind, especially hand care. All the chemicals that are used in cleaning kitchen utensils especially floor can be dangerous for your skin. While Kitchen Cleaning, always use tools like brushes so that your skin may not get contact with the chemicals and you can simply save your skin. Another essential thing that should be kept in mind is the use of gloves while cleaning your kitchen floor.

Just like the disadvantages of the chemicals, they also have many advantages that can save you and your family from different diseases and dust particles. These chemicals are powerful enough to clean all the spots and dirt particles from the floor of your kitchen. You should apply these chemicals once a week on your kitchen floor. Excessive use can damage your skin as well as the cabinets, shelf and other things as well.
The most powerful and best Chesser chemicals that can be used to clean the kitchen floor are bleach and Extra Kleen Heavy Duty. The Bleach contains 4% chlorine that removes all the spots, bacteria and viruses from the floor and along with it, all the dirt and dust particles are also removed successfully from the floor. It is one of the cheapest ways to sanitize your kitchen. Although, bleach contains only 4% chlorine, but still it is very strong to react and damage your skin.

You can easily make the bleach sanitizing solution. Just take some warm water and add only one tablespoon of bleach in it. You should store this solution in the bottle and away from the reach of your children. Another important thing is that, you should not forget to put a label on the bottle. In order to clean the floor, you should put all the bleach solution on the floor and give it some time to perform its action. After a few minutes take a brush and rinse it on the floor. Now take some clean water and wash the floor.

So Kitchen Cleaning with Chemicals is very simple and easy. Just follow some directions and get your work done. 

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Hello folks!

Kitchen cleaning is really a tough job. You have to ensure that necessary cleaning is done almost every day to avoid mess. However some items cannot be cleaned through ordinary methods.
Here are some procedures that can be applied for best kitchen cleaning:

The Countertops
·         Use a microfibre cloth to clean the countertops of your kitchen.
·         Damp the cloth in cleaner and water to wipe the countertops in circles.
·         Then wipe the surface with clean cloth.

The Microwave
·         Use a cloth damp in dish washing solution to clean the microwave surface.
·         Use a clean dry cloth to clean the outer portion.

The Garbage Can
·         Use a disinfectant for cleaning purposes.
·         Use a clean cloth after spraying on both the inside and outside of the can.

The Sink
·         Scrub the sink with vinegar and baking soda solution.
·         Through an old tooth brush remove the sticky mold found on the drain edges.
·         Rinse the surface with water.

The Dish Rack
·         Keep the dish rack soak in warm water and dishwashing solution.
·         Use an old brush to clean the sticky materials on the surface of the rack.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Cleaning equipments- A necessity

Cleaning equipments are vital for cleanliness purposes. You may face the need for cleaning equipments in your homes, offices, pallors, restaurants etc. There are various kinds of cleaning equipments available in the market that are made to deliver standard cleaning. The cleaning systems are expensive for many and they look for wholesale cleaning equipments including vacuum cleaners etc.

For some, investing in a quality cleaning equipment is not a wise decision. It may be true if you are looking forward towards cleaning your home. But for commercial cleaning needs, it is really important to purchase quality machines from genuine brands. Thoroughly research the market to purchase a quality cleaning equipment.