Monday, 17 December 2012

Simple Kitchen Cleaning Methods

Kitchen cleaning is not a time consuming task if done regularly with proper care. Green kitchen cleaning method is an effective way to limit your exposure with house hold chemicals. Kitchen cleaning by using vapor steam and non-toxic materials is very important. Hot vapor steam used in green kitchen cleaning kills bacteria and germs without using toxic chemicals.

It is impossible to get chemicals out from our life. We, daily inhale chemicals in form of foods, body lotion, creams, and other products. All we can do is to try to convert our routine to non-toxic cleaning. You can change your routine by making your cleaning simple yet effective, follow these tips:

·         Add vinegar along with water to clean windows and blinds.
·         Use mild kitchen cleaning equipment along with lemon juice and water for dish washing.
·         Baking soda is very effective for kitchen cleaning. Mix baking soda and water to make a scrub for cleaning.
·         Baking soda is also used for carpet cleaning.

Selecting kitchen cleaning chemicals that you use for home are very important. Always choose those products that are toxic free and effective.

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