Monday, 10 December 2012

Natural Stain Removal Tips

Stain removal is not a difficult process. While removing stains from the scratching surfaces, it is better to use any good kitchen cleaning consumerables.

·         For regular cleaning, dish washing liquid and water is good to use. In this way counter top will not look scratched and will look clean always.

·         You can also use club soda for removing stains with a soft cloth. Then rinse with warm water and dry.

·         You can use lemon juice over the counter tops once a week to clean all the stickiness.

·         Never use harsh or abrasive cleaners on plastic surface. They cause scratches and remove the finishing.

·         For tiles counter tops, you can clean by using 2 tablespoon bleach with some water.  It will bleach out and remove the stains.

·         You can also wash these tiles counter with dish washing liquid and water or scrub tiles by using a nylon brush.

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