Thursday, 6 December 2012

Kitchen Cleaning in a Non Toxic Way

Kitchen is the place that should be totally bacteria free. Everything ranging from cutting boards to utensils or even sanitizers should be cleaned before using them in food preparation. Here arises need of nontoxic kitchen chemicals that will only kill the bacteria without causing any side effects. You can use these natural kitchen cleaners to get rid of bacteria naturally.

·         Tea Tree oil:

Tea tree oil is known to be effective against anti-bacterial qualities. It kills bacteria while cleaning your kitchen. Add tea tree oil in a spray bottle, and add 2 cups of water, ½ tablespoon liquid soap, and white vinegar. Mix well and spray before cleaning.

·         Hydrogen:

Hydrogen peroxide when combined with vinegar or water makes a good bacteria killer. You can spray this mixture onto counter tops or on the kitchen floor.

·         Vinegar:

Vinegar kills more germs as it is used as a preservative in pickles. To make the mixture, mix vinegar and water. You can add some lemon oil to this solution to make it smell good.

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