Friday, 14 December 2012

Hand Care in Kitchen

It’s a known fact that your hands say a lot about your personality than any other part of your body, it says how you take care of yourself and even tell how old you are. By using your hands, you perform each and every task therefore your hands become dull and rough if not taken care of properly.

Working in kitchen also causes your hands to lose their natural moisture and causes dryness. While working in kitchen, keep a lotion bottle on a sink and moisturize your hands after washing dishes. You can wear rubber gloves while washing dishes to reduce hands exposure to soap and hot water.

Perfumed soaps are proved to be irritating and itchy for hands, especially in winters. So it’s better for hand care if you avoid using these soaps in dry weather. In case of irritation of itchiness, use petroleum jelly or any mineral and vegetable oil and put on the gloves. 

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