Monday, 31 December 2012

Multipurpose Kitchen Cleaning Products

Here you will find some basic multi-purpose kitchen cleaning products that will make your kitchen neat and clean.

Daily Kitchen Cleaning:

There are many eco-friendly cleaners that you can use for kitchen cleaning, some of them are mentioned below:

·         Vinegar:

Vinegar helps in getting rid of grease and other sticky substances on cupboards, worktops and other kitchen walls and places. You can make a vinegar mixture by adding water and vinegar in a spray bottle and then using it in the time of need.

·         Floor Cleaner:

Search market for a specific kitchen cleaning chemical depending on the material your floor is made up of. There are different floor care cleaning systems for tiles and wooden floors.

·         Dis Infectant:

This chemical is designed specially to clean places like work tops or kitchen counter. These dis infectants kill all the germs and bacteria present on the kitchen counter.

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