Friday, 21 December 2012

Cleaning Kitchen after Christmas

Christmas season is on its peak and so are the preparations. Today I am going to tell you some quick and easy tips on how you can easily clean your kitchen after Christmas party is over.

Cleaning of your kitchen after Christmas party is not a difficult task. Before cleaning, make sure you have collected all the kitchen cleaning items including kitchen cleaning chemicals, clothes etc. Secondly make a list of those entire tasks that you have to do like dusting, moping or cleaning. Start up in this way:

·         Clean dust ceiling along with fan and walls.
·         Cleaning kitchen drawers and cupboards.
·         Windows cleaning, inside out.
·         Cleaning and dusting kitchen chairs and tables.
·         Cleaning electronic appliances like oven, fridge and microwave.
·         Wiping up wooden frames and windows.
·         Moping and cleaning furniture.
·         Clean dish washer, toaster, washing machine etc.
·         Clean and wash dust bin.

This is just the start up list. You can add more items to it depending on your kitchen. Be flexible and divide time for each task. Merry Christmas

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