Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Kitchen Cleaning and Personal Hygiene

While working in kitchen, one must take care of personal hygiene and cleanliness. The main cause of food poisoning and other related diseases is the cross contamination and germs that are transferred to other food and kitchen surfaces. It can be prevented if you handle food properly and keep your kitchen clean.

·         Before starting work in kitchen, wash your hands thoroughly. You should also wash your hands before washing dishes or before cooking.

·         Properly cover your hairs before entering the kitchen. Clean your finger nails and cut them short before cooking meal in the kitchen.

·         Use clean aprons and clothes while working in kitchen. Remove your jewelry like rings and bracelets before working. If you don’t remove it, germs will stick to your jewelry and add in your ingredients.

·         Always maintain first aid box in the kitchen. Sharp knives and other sharp utensils can cause cut and also result in burns. Add bandage and other daily first aid items in your box so that they can be used in case of emergency.

Follow these personal hygiene kitchen cleaning tips for hand care while working in kitchen.

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