Tuesday, 23 October 2012

How to Remove Stains from Kitchen Floor

Kitchen floors are used throughout the day that’s why they get dirty and messy quickly. Kitchen floor needs more cleaning and more time than other floors. Today I will tell you simple and easy method on how you can clean kitchen floor:

·         Cleaning dirt:

First you have to sweep the kitchen floor thoroughly. By sweeping, dust and other food particles will be cleaned that are hidden around cabinets and counter tops. You can move big appliances like refrigerator and dining table to easily clean the dust underneath floor.

·         Cleaning hard and stick-on stains:

To remove hard stains, use kitchen chemicals solution. You can also make your own solution by using vinegar. Hot and soap water can also be used as alternative for this solution. Mopping is the necessary cleaning step as it removes dust particles and other hard to remove stains. If stains are too hard and not so easy to clean, then you can use small brush to scrub those stains. You can also use old brush to get rid of these stains.

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