Wednesday, 10 October 2012

How to Clean Kitchen Painted Walls

Cleaning painted kitchen walls are not so difficult to clean. It requires special care and basically depends on the type and quality of paint that is applied on the wall. The quality of paint also depends on how you clean the whole wall so that dirt can come off easily.

Here are some ways how you can clean kitchen painted walls:

·         General Purpose Enamels:
These types of surfaces are stain resistant and can be handled by scrubbing gently. Do not use abrasive or other harsh scrubs for cleaning these types of enamels. Instead, you can use heavy duty cleaners.

·         Automotive, Baked and Epoxy Enamel:
These types of enamel paints are much more resistant than others. They can be cleaned easily by using normal and mild kitchen chemicals.

·         Exterior Enamels:
They are oil based and can be cleaned by using mild detergent. If used by harsh chemicals, their paint can get damaged, so be careful.

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