Thursday, 11 October 2012

How to Remove Stains from Kitchen Wooden Floors

Sweeping or cleaning wooden flooring is not a difficult task. Kitchen floors can get different type of stains. Normal floor stains are easy to remove but it is difficult to remove from hard wooden floor

·         Milk or Alcohol Stains:
While you work in the kitchen, milk and alcohol can spill on your wooden kitchen floor and cause stains. To remove these stains, Take a cloth and dampen it with ammonia then rub it and let it dry naturally.

·         Oil Stains:
Oil stains can be removed from wooden floor by using tissue paper or newspaper then take a cloth and wipe it by using detergent. Always remember that while removing stains, hand care is very important.

·         Water Stains:
You can remove water stains by rubbing the area with the help of tooth paste and clean with a damp cloth. Then remove the water stains with steel wool.

·         Chewing Gum Stains:
In case chewing gum sticks on your wooden floor, use plastic bag and put some ice on it. Leave it for some time. Then easily remove the chewing gum.

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