Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Pets and Kitchen Cleaning Chemicals

We all love to have pets in our home but when it comes to cleaning, many of us are not sure what is the best house holding chemical that can be used to clean? While purchasing chemicals, we should prefer those chemicals that have minimum amount of dangerous items. Many chemicals are extremely toxic not only for animals but for us also. Here is the list of chemicals that can be dangerous for your pets:

·        Phenol Products:
Pets especially cats are very sensitive to these kind of products. Before buying them, properly check the contents of the products.

·        Deodorizer:
You can use this for cleaning purposes but make sure to keep your pet away from it.

·        Pests Spray:
After you use this spray, let it dry and then allow your pets in the room.

·        Chlorine Bleach:
Chlorine bleach is a strong kitchen cleaning chemical used to clean your toilet.

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