Wednesday, 6 February 2013

How to Clean Doors by Using Different Cleaning Chemicals

We all need to clean our doors once in a while to maintain cleanliness. Doors are of different types, some are made of wood, glass while some are sliding. All type of doors needs regular cleaning and protection. Some of the kitchen cleaning systems used to clean these doors is mentioned below:

·         Clean top of the door frames and remove all the dirt and dust particles. Use a wet sponge for this purpose.

·         Use a duster to clean the frame of the door.

·         If you have wood doors then you can clean them with a soap and soft rag. Rub the door afterwards to remove excessive soap and dry the surface.

·         For cleaning painted doors, take a sponge and apply kitchen cleaning chemical. Then use soft fabric to clean the door.

·         You can clean knobs and handles of the door to wipe down all the dirt.

·         You can clean glass doors by using glass cleaning liquid.

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