Monday, 18 February 2013

How to Make Use of Old Newspapers

We all read newspapers and have a large amount of old newspapers at our home that we recycle often.  Lately, I read some tips about how you can use your old newspapers in an effective way. Here, I am sharing them with you; do give me feedback in the comments:

·         You can clean glass window panes by using newspaper. It cleans the surface evenly without any marks. Make sure to use clean newspaper for cleaning windows, not any oily or sticky one.

·         Newspapers are a good way to absorb and remove any bad odors. You can use them by putting them inside your wardrobe or suitcases.

·         In case of a broken glass, you can use a damp newspaper to clean up the pieces. It will easily collect the small glass particles from the floor. While cleaning, take care of your hand.

·         Place the newspaper in wet shoes. The paper will absorb all the moisture and will help the shoes to dry faster.

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