Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Weird Kitchen Cleaning Tips that Really Work

Some of the kitchen cleaning systems tips that is weird but really work well. You can try them too and do give me feedback:

·         To get rid of tea stains presents in cups or mugs, rub a lemon inside your tea mug, where stains are. Then wash with soapy water.

·         You can clean your plants by using mayonnaise or beer. They will shine like before.

·         By using white bread, you can clean different spots and finger marks on wall.

·         You can use a match stick to get rid of smell in wash room.

·         To avoid moisture to stay in your salt, put some dry rice in your salt pot.

·         To get rid of the smell from your hands after chopping garlic or onion, just put your hands in water for 30 seconds and don’t rub, the smell will disappear or you can rub hands with parsley.

·         For washing colored clothes, soak them in white vinegar for a while, in that way the color will stay there permanently.

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