Friday, 4 January 2013

Cleaning Pen and Colors Mark from Kitchen Walls

Anyone who has children in his home must know how the walls of our house get stained with colorful marks. You will make many efforts to make children stay in their bedroom while they do coloring, they will not stop and roam around you in the kitchen. These pen and colors marks on wall look really bad and should be cleaned immediately. Here are some kitchen chemicals cleaning tips on how to clean them:

·         These marks can be cleaned by erasing it with a rubber.

·         In case of permanent marker stain, you should first clean the area by using a soft cloth on rubbing alcohol. Then mix kitchen cleaning chemical in plain water and clean the area with sponge then finish off by rubbing alcohol in a clean cloth.

·         You can also use baby wipes to remove these stains from kitchen wall.

These tips will definitely help you in removing kitchen stains. If you have some other tips, share with us

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