Wednesday, 23 January 2013

How to Clean Blender Mixer

I have not been giving you tips lately so today I will give you some kitchen appliances cleaning tips that you can use on and off in your daily kitchen cleaning needs. The holiday season is over, now is the ideal time to clean your blender stand mixer.

Cleaning blender mixer is a simple task that needs 5- 10 minutes if you clean it regularly. Before you start cleaning, first check whether your cleaner is unplugged or not. You can wash your mixing bowls and beaters separately before you fix them in the blender. Spray your favorite kitchen cleaning non-toxic chemical equipment and use hot soapy water. Clean up with a towel or rag. Clean small food particles that are stuck in the corner of your mixer. Use wet towel to clean that. Then lift the mixer and clean the down size of the mixer. Then clean the back side of mixer as well.

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