Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Vacuum cleaner, cleaning equipments

Home cleaning is very important for home as well as for the health of its residents. This doesn’t mean that you should spend all your free time in cleaning your home. There are many cleaning equipments available in the market that can provide deep cleaning of your home in an easy way and in short time. Apart from using traditional ways of cleaning like brooms, brush and mops; you can utilize modern electrical cleaning equipments.

 Cleaning regularly dust that settled down on floor, stairs, walls, carpets, rugs etc is very necessary as you don’t want to make your home filled with germs, bacteria and insects. Vacuum cleaner is the right mechanical appliance that can help you clean your home easily.

Vacuum cleaner is an electrically powered appliance that is used to remove dry loose dust from floor surface, carpets, rugs and fabric. Portable vacuum cleaner is equally useful for domestic as well as industrial cleaning. Its available in a variety, a wet and dry vacuum cleaner is equipped with foam that clean thoroughly and steam cleaner gives extra shine to the surface.

 It’s quite helpful in cleaning surface that cannot be brushed or wiped such as upholstery, carpets, tapestry and contoured surfaces. Small size vacuum cleaners are used at home and also to clean passenger cars and large industrial cleaners are used to clean industries, shops and malls etc. sometimes power saw are equipped with this cleaning appliance so that sawdust can be removed. In some schools and offices, an internal dust collector system is located and with the help of fans a vacuum is created which lead dust to the place where cleaning appliances are fitted.

In order to remove dust from the air, special kind of vacuum cleaners are used where the dust-laden air is passed through a sack that retains the dirt. The air is further passed through a filter and then clean air comes out. Here fans are used to create vacuum for the air.

This cleaning equipment is designed to be handled easily and its special features include a air hose that is flexible and cleaning tools that remove dust from surfaces. During cleaning all the dust goes into a bag made of cloth or paper bag that can be emptied or disposed off. Vacuum cleaner provides deep cleaning of the home and removes all the dust or dirt from the surfaces and its great advantage is that it collects all the dirt in the bag without spreading it around or in the air.

Regular vacuuming keeps your home/office clean and gives great look to carpets and floor. The dirt in the carpets and rugs can cause many allergies therefore for the health sake it’s very important to keep them clean. Moreover, for the better working of the cleaner, it’s necessary to clean the dust bag when it is full with dust. Portable cleaner saves a lot of your time and can be moved easily in the room, TV launch, kitchen etc.


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