Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Hello folks!

Kitchen cleaning is really a tough job. You have to ensure that necessary cleaning is done almost every day to avoid mess. However some items cannot be cleaned through ordinary methods.
Here are some procedures that can be applied for best kitchen cleaning:

The Countertops
·         Use a microfibre cloth to clean the countertops of your kitchen.
·         Damp the cloth in cleaner and water to wipe the countertops in circles.
·         Then wipe the surface with clean cloth.

The Microwave
·         Use a cloth damp in dish washing solution to clean the microwave surface.
·         Use a clean dry cloth to clean the outer portion.

The Garbage Can
·         Use a disinfectant for cleaning purposes.
·         Use a clean cloth after spraying on both the inside and outside of the can.

The Sink
·         Scrub the sink with vinegar and baking soda solution.
·         Through an old tooth brush remove the sticky mold found on the drain edges.
·         Rinse the surface with water.

The Dish Rack
·         Keep the dish rack soak in warm water and dishwashing solution.
·         Use an old brush to clean the sticky materials on the surface of the rack.


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