Monday, 6 May 2013

How to clean a fridge?

Fridge is an equipment of daily use and gets dirty easily if it is used mostly by kids. Many food items that get spilled in the fridge become very sticky and hard if not removed at the earliest. Some items even cause bad odor and these smell destroys the taste of all the food items placed in the fridge.So it becomes vital to stress on fridge cleaning as a mother if you want to provide clean fresh diet to the family members.
Fridge cleaning
Here is a step by step guide towards refrigerator cleaning that needs to be done every fortnight:

  1. Remove all the items placed inside the fridge: Remove all the items from the fridge and put them in a proper cold place. Make sure that you choose a proper place that is out of the reach of the children in order to avoid any mess.
  2. Remove all the drawers and the boxes from the fridge: It is essential to remove all the plastic items from the fridge in order to clean the fridge to perfection. Use vinegar to remove any stains present on the plastic items. This will also give shine to the shelves.
  3. Clean the inside of the refrigerator: Now clean the inside of the refrigerator by using any good kitchen cleaning agent or by any home made remedy. You can also use detergent to achieve best results. Leave them for a while in order to achieve better results.
  4. Wipe off the outside of the refrigerator: Clean the outside using a proper foamy material in order to remove the odd stains. 
  5. Replace the food items inside again: Now once all the fridge cleaning process is done, replace the food items again. Place baking soda or deodorizers for preventing any future odor problems.

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