Monday, 11 March 2013

How to do Cleaning for Spring

Spring season has arrived and its time you start thinking about detailed spring cleaning session. To start up your spring cleaning, create a checklist for yourself that will help you in the cleaning process:

·        Cleaning Electrical Appliances:
    Before you start cleaning electrical appliances, make sure to unplug the devices. While cleaning        the fridge, defrost it first and then clean it. Similarly clean microwave, coffee beater and other   electrical appliances.

·        Cleaning Kitchen Windows:
    Spring cleaning includes cleaning kitchen windows and cobs. Use environment friendly kitchen    cleaners to clean windows, panes, filters and doors.

·        Organizing Kitchen shelves:
    Declutter and organize your shelves. Clean the stove and kitchen floor.

Using good kitchen cleaning equipment will ensure cleanliness in your kitchen and surroundings. Use good disinfectants for purifying the surrounding. A neat and clean kitchen brings peace of mind for you and your family as well.

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