Thursday, 22 November 2012

Methods and Tips for Green Cleaning

Green cleaning has proven to be the best organic method of kitchen cleaning so far.  It is economical as well as environment friendly way to clean. Green cleaning methods help you to avoid using hazardous chemicals for kitchen cleaning. Below mentioned are some tips and tools that you can use:

·         Don’t Use Single Items:
Prefer to buy products made from recyclable material. While cleaning, prefer to use recycled cloth or reusable sponges.

·         Be Energy Efficient:
You can save energy by mopping the floor instead of vacuuming it daily.

·         Use Microfiber:
Microfiber mops use less water and kitchen cleaning chemical. It can even pick up bacteria and dust without any water or chemicals.

·         Save Water:
Do not use excessive water then you need. Use required amount of water along with the kitchen chemicals. Green chemicals don’t have harsh chemicals and can be washed away easily.

·         Be Patient:
In green cleaning, you may require more time to clean then those hard cleaners. So be patient while cleaning the kitchen.


  1. Great tips! Microfiber is always a good green cleaning choice!

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  4. Good tips. You can't beat a good mop and a little elbow grease. Found a great book for speedy green cleaning here -